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New film about Shady Chocolate

New documentary on the chocolate industry by director, Miki Mistrati.

Ever since it was revealed that the chocolate industry is involved with child slavery in the Ivory Coast, the industry has been busy – due to consumer demands – explaining what exactly it does to actively fight trafficking and illigal child labor. But does the industry live up to its own promises? In the new film, Shady Chocolate, director Miki Mistrati tries to find out, if the chocolate industry – one of the worlds largest industries – speak the truth, when they say that they provide education and medical care for the children of the Ivory Coast.

In cooperation with a strong group of international journalists, Miki Mistrati takes us back to Ivory Coast only to reveal that reality is very different from the "rosy" picture the industry paints of their efforts for the children in the plantations.

The film will premiere on German television NDR & ARD 17th of December 2012