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The American attorney, Terrence Collingsworth, has made it his life mission to fight multinational companies, to make them responsible for the child slavery and child labor, used in their production.

This time Terrence’s opponent is Nestlé and its army of attorneys, who have been trying to convince the judges that no such problems can be connected to them in the U.S. Now, after fighting tirelessly for 11 years, the U.S. Supreme Court has finally approved his claim, and he can now take Nestlé to court, on behalf of former child labors and child slaves.

In search of the former child slaves he build his case on in 2005, and new victims alike, he will travel to the Ivory Coast. He is determined to prove that Nestle systematically turns a blind eye to child kidnappings and labor; how they exploit the very poorest in an attempt to keep prices down on the sought-after cocoa bean. If he wins the case against Nestlé and the children receive damages, it will have massive consequences for the entire chocolate industry, as well as multinational companies in general, where children are made to work without pay or access to education.

BUT, the U.S. Supreme Court is the highest federal court; therefore there can be no appeal, which means the decision in this case will be final. The one-man army of Terrence, against the giant Nestlé, has ONE shot!

’The Chocolate War’ is the third and conclusive film in the series of chocolate films directed by Miki Mistrati. It is an example of how film can change the world, as Terrence used material from the two previous films, ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate’ and ‘Shady Chocolate’, to convince the American legal system his case was legit. In ‘The Chocolate War’ all three films come together to form a whole. The film follows the outraged attorney in his effort to right one of the world’s biggest wrongs – from the plantations of the Ivory Coast in Western Africa to the buffed floors of the major corporations in the U.S.

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Terry Collingsworth Paul Hoffmann Melina Cardinal-Bradette Kelsey Peden
Miki Mistrati
Helle Faber
Christian Falch & Torstein Perelius & Jonathan Borgen Lie
Henrik Ipsen Emil Langballe Nelson Walker
Andreas Birch Jacob Andersen
Audun Kvitland Røstad
Marius Christensen
Cato Lauvi & Tom Rainer
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Up North Films DRTV NFI NFTF Film Fyn Danida SVT NRK
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